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China Investment Guidance

  • Profit Distribution and Capital Withdrawal

    Dec 31, 2019

    There are a lot of similarities between profit distribution and capital withdrawal. Both of them are about giving assets of the legal person to its investors (shareholders). However, the two of them are distinctly different. While profit dis...

  • is Online

    May 06, 2020 is online!After months of preparation, we are finally on board. Our team members wish you all a very happy new year in 2020....

  • Tax Planning

    As lawyers, we focus on risks. But mitigating risks never means that we accept unfairly heavy tax burden. ...

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    Merger & Acquisition

    Merger and acquisitions are one of our core serviced business activities.With the booming of Chinese economy, more foreign investors are coming to China for business opportunities....

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    IP Rights Protection

    With the awareness on intellectual property right protection, litigation in this area is becoming a hot topic. We maintain close working relations with the public notary firms that specialize in anti-infringement on intellectual property rig...

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    Debt Collection

    Account receivables is always a big business for practicing lawyers. To win such a case is not very difficult, but to get actual pay is not that easy....

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